Versapass Sanitary Feed Through Fittings



VERSAPASS - A unique variable positioning sanitary feed Through fitting

Versapass™ offers a unique line of sanitary feed through fittings for clean, variable insertion of probes, dip tubes and other tools into a sanitary fluid stream or reactor. The immersion point of these tools can be optimized as opposed to fixed or welded solutions while maintaining a leak free connection.


  • Clean and variable insertion of probes or dip tubes
  • Inert materials of construction, PFA and 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy
  • Performance rated; vacuum to 100 PSI ambient to 150 Celsius for CIP/SIP environments
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  1. Live load springs compensate for wear, thermal expansion and contraction.
  2. PFA packing seals and grips with repetitive cycle life without deforming probe or dip tube.
  3. Patented Seal Design, probe or tube seal is flush at point of immersion, and on the same plane as the process side of the fitting.
  4. Packing step sweeps away from probe or tube for cleanliness, coupled with precision containment of the PFA seal for excellent thermal cycling and pressure rating performance.
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Custom Solutions
If we don’t already produce the perfect fitting for your application, we can custom design and fabricate to your specs. Read More
Versapass™ now offers the option of variable insertion of two dip tubes through one port. Read More
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